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Local Jockeys Challenge

Monday, 26th February 2024, 10:00pm

Local Jockeys Challenge is going to be held at the race meeting 106 on Friday 01/03/2024 according to the announced annual program as follows:

Distance Horse Age Racetrack Rating Horse Class Race Round

1200 4+ Turf 0-65 Handicap 3rd R 1

2100 4+ Turf 0-90 Handicap 4th R 2

1600 4+ Dirt 0-85 Handicap 9th R 3

1400 3 Dirt 0-75 Handicap 10th R 4


- The maximum number of participants in each challenge race is 14 Jockeys.

- The top 14 jockeys on the season’s list are the qualified jockeys in the challenge’s races, except the suspended.

- A drawing will be made for the jockeys to select the horses that will participate.

- The winning Jockey gets a trophy after each race that he wins.

- The first 5 Jockeys of each race get points based on their placings which qualify them to the final prize.

- After the four challenge races, the 3 Jockeys with the most number of points will be rewarded with the final prize which is a check with an amount of money based on their placings. Starting the Jockey with the third place, then the Jockey of second place, and then the Jockey first place.

- In case that the number of points was equal between two Jockeys, the winner will be the Jockey with the best placing in the 4 challenge races. In case that even the placings were equal too, then the prize will be equally divided between the two Jockeys.

The method of earning the points in the 4 challenge races:

- The Jockey winning the 1st place: 15 points.

- The Jockey winning the 2nd place: 10 points.

- The Jockey winning the 3rd place: 7 points.

- The Jockey winning the 4th place: 4 points.

- The Jockey winning the 5th place: 2 points.

The final prize for the three Jockeys with the highest points being given after the 4 races:

- The first: SR 100,000 check.

- The second: SR 50,000 check.

- The third: SR 25,000 check.