Nominations Game
Part of the fun of racing is studying the horses to pick a winner of each race. With JCSA’s Nominations Game App if you are on the racecourse you can select a horse which you think will win each race. By doing so you then qualify for a prize draw to win cash or great prizes.

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Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum age to play 18 years
  • You may only select one horse for each race.
  • A nomination should be made separately for each race.
  • You must enter the valid ticket number and mobile number to start the nomination.
  • The nomination cannot be changed after it has been submitted.
  • The award is handed over on the same day as the race, and the nominee must be in attendance at the racecourse where the race is taking place to receive the award.
  • All cash prizes will be transferred to the digital wallet through STCpay.
  • Nominations are suspended and no further entries accepted 5 minutes before official race start time.
  • If the entered data differs from the actual data, the participant is not entitled to receive the award.
  • JCSA decisions are final.