Where to watch the horses at King Khalid Racecourse
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Here are some great places to see the stars of the show at King Khalid Racecourse.

The Saddling Yard

Over 50 horses are stabled at the northern end of the King Khalid racecourse. Racegoers can see into these stables from a viewing area behind the Parade Ring.
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Parade Ring

Approximately 15 minutes before the start of their race, horses are led from the Day Stalls to the trackside Parade Ring. Racegoers can watch the horses parade, see the jockeys mount up and become familiar with race numbers and silks colours. Look for a combination of important traits in choosing your horse. Factors such as stamina, strength, speed and competitive nature all need to be considered when picking a winner. A shiny dappled coat often translates as a healthy horse. Is the horse calm and alert? If the horse’s head is up and they are looking around it means that they are alert and ready to race. Another positive indicator of alertness is if the horse’s ears are facing forward. A defined muscle tone over the horse’s buttocks and behind its rib cage points to a strong and healthy horse.
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Experience the exhilarating sights and sounds of a dozen thoroughbred racehorses thundering down towards you by watching a race from the fence. Look out for the Bel Azure restaurant which offers a great view from your table.


Watch each race unfold with panoramic views of the entire racetrack from the unreserved seating of the Grandstand.
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Nabd Al Nadi

Upgrade to a Premium General Admission ticket from 50 SAR to get even closer to the action with access to the modern Nabd Al Nadi where you can relax in Lounge 1965, or book dining in the stylish Hatheeb Restaurant that overlooks the Day Stalls and Parade Ring. Alternatively sit in the first-floor Rose Terrace for fantastic views down the home straight.

Race Presentation

After major races there is a winners’ presentation in the Parade Ring. This is where the celebration continues for the jockeys, owners and trainers as winning sashes and trophies are presented, and the horses receive a deserved wash-down!
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Equine Welfare

Our priority with the Saudi Equestrian Authority is to ensure the safety and welfare of all horses, competing, training or retired at our venues.
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